My Very First Meeting With NaughtyAllie

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Ok, so I've finally gotten the chance to get the video I made with Allie up for you guys to see. For those of you who haven't read my about me, here's the basic scoop:

I had found NaughtyAllie's site on the web. I used to spend a lot of time on swinger related sites, looking for real life swingers who might want to hook up. This led me to her site. So I joined and began chatting with NaughtyAllie herself. At first we just exchanged a few emails with regular pictures. Soon though she was asking me for more "risque" photos and it seemed as though we were really hitting it off.

I found myself traveling for work, and I thought it'd be a good time to try to meet up with NaughtyAllie In person, so I mustered up the courage to ask her to meet with me. Luckily for me, she really gets off to this sort of thing, and so does her husband Jake who's one of the coolest guy's I've ever met. After we sorted out the details, I finally got my chance to hook up with NaughtyAllie - and this is the video! Needless to say I was nervous as fuck, but Allie's huge tits cured my shyness quickly. So, please check this video out and be sure to see my fan edits below!

My Fan Edit: Titty Fucking Phone Sex

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I present to you one of the hottest videos to ever grace the web! Millions of people would agree :) I love to share this edit with you, but you're really need to do yourself a favor and see the entire video. You can get it in NaughtyAllie's members area. If you're a fan of true amateurs, and huge tits... press play now!

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My Fan Edit: Ending The Night With Group Sex

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I don't know why, but it's videos like this that really do it for me. Maybe because I know, these are your average people you could come across at any bar. Real couples, reall horny swingers, real sex. This is the real deal. I love to see women genuinely enjoy getting fucking and being sluts!

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My Fan Edit: Join Me At A Swinger Party

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NaughtyAllie attends a lot of swinger parties, and even throws her own on occasion. She's invited me to a few, but I've been unable to get to them :( How awesome would it be to just walk around and bang all these hot horny wives? They all love the cum too!

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My Fan Edit: Threesome Turns Into A Foursome

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The swinger lifestyle is what brought me to NaughtyAllie's site in the first place. I was really intrigued by people who wanted to be sexually free. This video is great because it's how sex should be, two couples sharing their spouses for a hot romp! Be sure to go to NaughtyAllie's site to see her entire amateur home made porn library free!

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My Fan Edit: Shower Fun With My Gal Pals

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NaughtyAllie knows the absolute hottest amateur wives and sluts! I mean, she's got an endless supply of women who love to eat pussy, lick and suck tits, and get fucked every which way! This is one of my favorite videos but this is just one of many trust me! See her entire catalog at her site.

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My Fan Edit: We Wanna Suck Your Cock

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You'll never find another site that has as much genuine amateur hardcore action. NaughtyAllie teams up with her best friend slut NaughtyJulie for a double blowjob video that gets me off everytime! Their cum swapping at the end is so hot and real. You can tell they really enjoy cum!

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About Naughty Allie

Forget flashy, fake girls acting while they have sex. Naughty Allie is a true amateur that loves to fuck. Naughty Allie and Amateur go hand in hand. You'll watch Allie having hot sex with her husband, real amateur orgies, hot lesbain action, public nudity, and so much more from a truely busty and naughty amateur.

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